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Dr. Jesús Enrique Grimaldi Olivas Costs and Bariatric Reviews

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Education & History

Dr. Jesus E. Grimaldi is a well-known general and bariatric surgeon in Baja California. He is a member of the Mexican College of Surgery for Obesity and Metabolic Diseases AC and the Mexican Council of General Surgery Civil Association, as well as the Baja California College of Bariatric Surgeons and Metabolic Diseases. He and his staff at Baja Slim Bariatric Center work tirelessly to ensure that all of their patients have the optimal possible experience and outcomes.

Doctor Olivas (‘Grimaldi’) is a board-certified general surgeon with extensive experience in gastric surgery. Moreover, Gallindo specializes in high-risk weight reduction procedures involving patients with high BMI and navigating scar tissue from previous surgery.  Doctor Olivas was hired by Pompeii Surgical due to his extensive expertise in bypass and bypass revision procedures. In short, he is:

  • Award Winning High-risk WL Surgeon who specializes in gastric bypass and revisions
  • Performs over 20 pro gratis procedures per year.
  • Extensive expertise working with high-risk patients.

Procedures Performed

Dr. Jesus E. Grimaldi is a well-known bariatric surgeon who specializes in Gastric Bypass surgery. The Bypass procedure is a highly efficient method of losing weight. In the first year, Gastric Bypass patients drop 60% to 80% of their excess body weight. This procedure is usually recommended by Dr. Jesus E. Grimaldi for patients who have a BMI of 45 or higher and type 1 diabetes. This procedure usually requires 90 minutes or more of operating time and:

  • Allows you to lose 60-80% of excess body fat while also significantly reducing hunger pains.
  • No need to implant a medical gadget into the body, such as a lap-band.
  • No changes or fills required.
  • Gastric sleeve surgery is NOT recommended.


Undoubtedly, Dr. Jesus E. Grimaldi is an experienced bariatric surgeon who recommends the Gastric Bypass surgery. Although the Gastric Bypass is an excellent operation and the best option for many patients, one should be aware of the following risks. The bypass procedure is technically more complicated than the AGB or LSG and may result in higher complication rates. It can also result in long-term vitamin/mineral deficiencies, especially iron, vitamin B12, calcium, and folate deficiencies. In most instances, lifelong vitamin/mineral supplementation, dietary recommendations, and follow-up compliance are required. Keeping in mind everything, he charges $6,800 for such services offered.


Dr. Jesus E. Grimaldi’s unique quality is his compassion for patients with special requirements. Many patients experience anxiety and stress prior to surgical procedures, and he knows how valuable additional time before and after surgery is. His timely jokes, colorful sense of humor, and abstract patient care have won him the best rating. In fact, his dedication to patient care and outstanding reviews have won him a position at Pompeii Surgical. Therefore, his commitment to patient care and outstanding reviews have won him a position at Pompeii Surgical.


Address: Diego Rivera 2550, Zona Rio Urbana, Tijuana B.C. 22010

Phone: +52 (619) 382 9255


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