Guide: Mexico Bariatric Surgery [2020]

Here are tips for you when looking to schedule bariatric surgery in Mexico. There are several scenarios and issues that you should be concerned with when selecting a bariatric surgery.

Tips on Booking Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico:

  • Consider medical travel insurance.
    • Consider companies with medical travel coverage.
  • Research and Vet your bariatric surgeon and team.
  • Research and Vet your bariatric center, clinic or hospital.
    • Has the hospital, clinic or center performed bariatric surgeries in a medical tourism setting?
    • How many procedures are performed on an annual basis?
  • Avoid Low-Cost Providers on Never pay anybody in Mexico directly.
    • Costs can be as low as around $4,000, but costs much lower present a frequent issue we hear. Skimming on other aspects of the weight loss surgery.
  • Book from Established Bariatric Centers or Surgeons
    • Avoid Facebook support groups, as many seemingly authentic posts on bariatric surgeons are discrete ads for weight loss surgeons. These ads are pushed by members of their staff who earn commission on your sale.
    • Avoid scheduling from forums and Facebook will allow you avoid salespeople hired in the Philippines, India, and Bangladesh. Most of these sales people have never even meet the surgeon they are marketing for.

Avoiding Risks

Having weight loss surgery in Mexico should always be accompanied by constant care and caution.

To minimize the risk of developing travel-related complications and issues:

  • Travel with a Passport is strongly encouraged. You can rush a passport within a few weeks here (no Travel Visa is required).
  • Don’t drink the water in Mexico. All drinking water should be purified from the hotels and hospitals. For your companion: no salads and no fruit (as they can be washed with tap water).
  • Double check your surgeon’s credentials before traveling to Mexico, including board-certifications, and licenses.
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