Are you searching for a fruitful bariatric experience in Mexico? Well, if you have then Bariatric Pal- Team MX is an excellent option. Their weight loss surgeons have an incredible record of accomplishment that entails low rate of complications and no fatalities. This fantastic facility has overcome significant milestones such as creating the first-ever private hospital that deals with bariatric surgeries and patients in Tijuana. This is through its alliance with Oasis of Hope Hospital. It caters to providing all weight loss surgeries at affordable prices.

Surgeries Offered By Team MX- Bariatric Pal

The surgeons at team MX have perfected the following weight loss procedures.

  • Gastric sleeve surgery – This is the most popular weight loss surgery in the entire world, maybe because of its high success rate. The surgeons performing this surgery are well equipped with the knowledge and skills that can help them complete this procedure in a laparoscopic way. The starting price for this procedure is four thousand six hundred dollars.
  • Single-incision gastric sleeve – This system is similar to the one above. The only difference is that the laparoscopic procedure will include a single incision as opposed to many. The starting price for this procedure is five thousand two hundred dollars
  • Roux-en-Roux-en-Y gastric bypass – This laparoscopic procedure is reversible. The starting price for this procedure is six thousand dollars.
  • Mini-gastric bypass surgery – This malabsorptive and restrictive procedure has a starting price of five thousand seven hundred dollars.
  • Duodenal switch surgery – This is a less common gastric bypass surgery that has a starting price of six thousand four hundred dollars.
  • Revision surgery – This surgery is exclusive to persons who have undergone a weight loss surgery that has caused a decline in the weight they lose. If you fall into this bracket, then you are viable for this surgery. You might need to contact team MX for more information on the pricing of this surgery.

Team MX Bariatric Pal Reviews

Team MX has more than thirteen years of experience under their founder Alex Breacher who formed this facility in 2003. The following are special services given to patients who choose to contract team MX services:

  • Team MX has drivers who pick up their patients from the airport and escort them to the facility. This option is for persons who do not live in Mexico.
  • The patients get their valets who help the patients, and their families settle into their hotel and hospital schedule. In addition to this, they can also act as tour guides by directing you to fantastic sites around Mexico before you settle into your procedure.
  • The facility assigns patient advocates who help the patients understand their method and the details of their recovery.

For more information, visit their website on or reach them through either or (844) 957-3325. The address for their Tijuana office is:

BariatricPal TeamMX LLC.
Paseo Ensenada
No. 1193 int. 5A
Playas de Tijuana
Secc. Jardines C.P. 22200


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