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Renew Bariatrics – Costs and Reviews – 2020

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Renew Bariatrics is a bariatric company that provides weight loss surgical solutions that are safe and cost-effective to lose weight. It deals with people who are obese and together with their surgeons, they have helped people at different stages of life conquer obesity through the gastric sleeve procedure hence losing weight efficiently. They are also committed to delivering high patient outcomes for individuals who are seeking an alternative to high health care costs in the U.S and Canada.

Renew bariatrics other work is to review and investigate every surgeon based on various factors such as costs, patient satisfaction, and patient safety. They work with bariatric specialists who are capable of performing the latest gastric sleeve techniques, hence giving the patient the best possible chance. The surgeons have performed thousands of operative procedures, and the surgeries are done laparoscopically to enable the patient to be discharged and go home in a few days. 

Note: As of 1/28/2020 Dr. Luis Montano is longer found on which suggests he is no longer represented by Renew Bariatrics.

Renew Bariatrics ClaimsClaims of Renew Bariatrics

  • Medical Tourism Insurance Included
  • Your Own Hospital Room
  • All-Inclusive Pricing

Renew Bariatrics understands that each is different and no size fits all hence they emphasize the importance of an individualized weight loss program. Each patient receives a customized weight management and medical weight loss plan that is by their personal goals. A patient will work with the surgeon and patient coordinator so that they can know the risks and benefits of each procedure and also decide which surgical procedure is best suited for them to reach their goals. They also help patients to select the right process and the right surgeon by advising them the options they have and they will customize it accordingly to meet their concerns such as a certified bariatric surgeon, equipped and accredited facility or budget.

Renew Bariatrics Reviews

The surgeries offered include sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass, an adjustable gastric band (lap-band), and revisional surgery. Renew Bariatrics makes these obesity treatments affordable by slashing the prices and offering all-inclusive packages at affordable rates without compromising on their quality.

All packages have the medical tourism option which means one is covered even when across the border and they include:

  • Preoperative tests
  • Transportation to/from San Diego airport to Tijuana or Cancun airport to the facility
  • Gastrointestinal leak tests
  • Surgeon costs
  • Hospital/facility costs
  • Hotel/recovery house stay
  • Take-home pain, antibiotic medicine

The total cost will differ depending on the surgery done and why one chooses the medical tourism option, then Renew Bariatrics will link them with financing companies which will help them pay for their procedure. The package also includes the option of having one companion with them at no additional cost.



Price: Gastric sleeve starts at $3,899, Gastric bypass starts at $5,299, Gastric balloon starts at $2,999.

Prices for High BMI are an additional $500.


Address: Boulevard Rodolfo Sanchez, 10488, Zona Urbana Río, 22010 Tijuana, BC, Mexico

Phone: 844-736-3963


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