This Piedras Negras, Coahuila, Mexico based center provides state of the art weight loss services to their patients. They specialize in dealing with persons who are struggling with weight related issues and diseases such as the obese. This amazing facility focuses on one procedure. This means that they have perfected the quality of this procedure. Focusing on this one procedure undeniably makes them experts in it.

What Procedure Does Endobariatrics Center Perform?

The Endobariatrics Center performs the gastric sleeve procedure solely. Since the center started, it boasts of catering over eleven thousand five hundred patients successfully. This is the most popular weight loss surgery in the entire world, maybe because of its high success rate. The surgeons performing this surgery are well equipped with the knowledge and skills that can help them complete this procedure in a laparoscopic way.

This procedure reduces the stomach size and is preferred as an alternative to gastric bypass surgeries. Some people refer to this surgery as greater curvature gastrectomy, gastric reduction, partial gastrectomy, or vertical gastrectomy.

By getting rid of up to eighty-five percent of a patient’s stomach fat, this procedure proves to be very successful in helping weight regulation for patients suffering from obesity. This procedure is considered a lifesaver for people who are battling weight loss issues and ailments. It is a permanent procedure meaning that it cannot be reversed.

Endobariatric Review

What Makes This Center Stand Out?

  • It has a foundation that is called the Endo-Foundation. The Endo-Foundation helps candidates who are viable for the gastric sleeve procedure but may lack enough funds to go about it. It listens to the cry of the need and rushes to help where it can. The goal is to prevent botched procedures from taking place simply because of lack of funds.
  • The patients are well cared for by the staff. This is noted in the way they answer their questions to the way they handle the patients during the recovery period. The patient is well informed about every step of the procedure. In addition to this, the patient is also well equipped with post-surgery information that will help them improve their health and the rate of their recovery.
  • The environment of the facility is hygienic and safe, thus reducing any chances of contracting any other diseases prior, during, or after the weight loss surgery.
  • Their experience reduces the rate of fatalities and discontented patients. The surgeons make sure they meet and exceed the expectations of their patients.
  • The personnel at the facility are welcoming, calm, and accommodative. The staff is responsive and detailed when answering patient questions.
  • After the surgical procedure, the patients are left in the care of very able nurses. Their nurses are highly competent and available at any time until the recovery process is complete.

For more information, visit their website on, or reach them through the following fax and telephone lines respectively: 1-888-453-0791 and 866-697-5338.


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