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Dr. Alberto Carlos Rivas Reviews, Mexico Bariatric Surgeon

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Dr. Alberto Carlos RivasDr. Alberto Carlos Rivas is a Bariatric and Laparoscopic specialist surgeon based in Tijuana, Mexico who focuses on performing safe and state of the art weight loss surgeries in a technologically advanced hospital environment. Some of the weight loss procedures Dr. Alberto Carlos Rivas performs include Gastric Sleeve, Gastric Bypass, Mini Gastric Bypass, Duodenal Switch, SADI, Revisional Surgery and Cholecystectomy and Anti-Reflux Surgeries. Dr. Alberto Carlos Rivas’ extensive and prestigious work experience includes a post as Head of General Surgery for the Hospital General De Tecate and a stint as a General Surgeon and Medical Director for the Mexican Red Cross in Tijuana, Mexico. Dr. Alberto Carlos Rivas earned his four-year medical degree and was educated at the Faculty of Human Medicine of the Autonomous at the University of Nayarit. He completed a medical internship at the Regional General Hospital in Tepic, Nayarit, Mexico and a residency in General Surgery at the National Medical Center Northwest of the Mexican Social Security Institute, where he was Chief Resident of General Surgery from 2011-2012. Dr. Alberto Carlos Rivas also completed a specialized fellowship at the Nephrology Institute Tijuana and Hospital Angeles Tijuana in Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery where he averaged over 30 Bariatric and weight loss surgical procedures per week. Dr. Alberto Carlos Rivas possesses abdominal trauma training completed in California and is an active member of the AMCG ( Mexican Association of General Surgery), the AMCE ( Mexican Association of Endoscopic Surgery) and was certified by the CMCG (Mexican Council of General Surgery) in 2012. In addition to Dr. Alberto Carlos Rivas’ impressive educational credentials, he has gone on to pursue further training and certification in Gastric procedures, attending the Transcongress course in Gastric and Gastric sleeve surgeries at conferences in Los Cabos, Mexico in 2015. Dr. Alberto Carlos Rivas also received advanced Laparoscopic and Incision Surgery training in 2016 from the AMCE. In short, Dr. Alberto Carlos Rivas is a highly professional and expertly trained surgeon in the field of Bariatric surgical techniques and provides grateful patients with safe and effective measures for successfully reducing their weight through medical intervention.

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