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Dr. Alejandro Gutierrez – Costs and Bariatric Reviews 2020

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Dr. Alejandro Gutierrez is a bariatric surgeon based in Tijuana, Mexico. Dr. Alejandro Gutierrez is a  member of the American College of Surgeons and a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons.

Dr. Alejandro Gutierrez works closely with Dr. Louisiana Valenzuela and Dr. Rodriguez Lopez and from Mexico Bariatric Center. On Mexico Bariatric Center’s website, it says that Dr. Gutierrez has performed over 3,500 bariatric surgeries.

Dr. Alejandro Gutierrez Gomez
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Dr. Alejandro Gutierrez went to medical school at IMSS, Oportunidades H.R.O. #46 Coalcoman, Michoacan, did his medical residency at the Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social.

Dr. Gutierrez did his surgical training at the Hospital Angeles Tijuana, under the tutelage of Dr. Juan Antonio Lopez Corvala.


Pricing for Dr. Alejandro Gutierrez starts at $3995-$4195 for gastric sleeve surgery. Although, pricing on the website shows gastric sleeve from $4,595. Pricing is a bit murky, but does include Hospital Fees, Surgeon Fees, Anesthesiologist Fees, Pre-Op Tests and Evaluation, etc.


Address: Av. Salvador Novo 1060 Tijuana Baja California, Mexico 22320

Phone: 1-855-205-6971


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