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Dr. Carlos Bess Oberto Reviews, Mexico Bariatric Surgeon

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Dr. Carlos Bess Oberto is a compassionate and highly experienced bariatric surgeon operating in Monterrey, Mexico. Dr. Carlos Bess Oberto completed his medical degree and graduated from the Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León in Nuevo León, Mexico and proceeded to expand his expertise in several post graduate courses and fellowships in such critical weight loss topics as lap-band surgery, and advanced laparoscopy surgery. In particular, Dr. Carlos Bess Oberto brings to his practice over 8 years of specialized lap-band surgery experience and has provided over 1,500 patients with successful and life altering outcomes. Dr. Carlos Bess Oberto also received training in performing a procedure designed to address acid reflex in individuals ( common in bariatric patients) known as “GERD” called “Nissen fundoplication”. Dr. Carlos Bess Oberto works with the highly esteemed Dr. Sanchez and an expert team of dedicated medical professionals. Some of the procedures offered by Dr. Carlos Bess Oberto and his surgical team are Gastric Lap-Band, Gastric Bypass and Gastric Sleeve placement. Dr. Oberto is a member of many prestigious medical organizations which include the Mexican Society of General Surgery, the Mexican School of Weight Loss Surgery, the Latin American Federation of General Surgery, and the International Federation of Surgery for Obesity. If you are planning a medical tourist tour of Tijuana, Mexico and are seeking a safe and expertly guided experience, Dr. Carlos Bess Oberto and his medical bariatric surgical team can offer you state of the art operating and recovery rooms, affordable pricing, compassionate care and expert medical leadership. Many of Dr. Carlos Bess Oberto’s former patients can testify to the tremendous impact Dr. Oberto’s procedures have had on their lives, and if you desire to embark on the first step toward uncovering a healthier, lighter and happier you, then take time to visit the offices of Dr. Carlos Bess Oberto and his welcoming team.

Dr. Carlos Bess Oberto – Bariatric Surgeon – Monterrey, Mexico

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