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Dr. Edwin Guerrero Burgueno Costs and Bariatric Reviews

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Education & History:

Dr. Edwin Guerrero recognizes himself from most other bariatric surgeons by holding a renowned board certification from the Mexican Council of General Surgery (CMCG). Dr. Edwin received this certification in 2016 and was re-certified for another five years in 2021. CMCG is Mexico’s only national board authorized to award board certification to surgeons who meet its stringent selection criteria. He earned medical degrees from the University of Guadalajara and the Autonomous University of Baja California.

In addition, he receives training and surgical experience at four leading hospitals and medical centers in Guadalajara, as well as Hospital Angeles in Tijuana. Not only this, but he has also completed four years of general surgery training and one year of bariatric and advanced laparoscopic surgery training.

Procedures Performed:

Dr. Edwin Guerrero is a Tijuana, Mexico-based bariatric surgeon who performs gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, and other revision bariatric surgeries. Dr. Edwin combines his surgical experience and training with his natural artistic abilities to produce exceptional results in all bariatric surgeries that exceed patient expectations. In fact, his expertise in bariatric surgery procedures such as gastric bypass and the gastric sleeve is matched by his ability to tailor each surgery to the patient’s specific needs.

Pricing :

Dr. Edwin invests in cutting-edge surgical techniques and technology, practices best medical practices and high-quality standards, adheres to the most recent safety protocols, and stays current on new research and academic activity through continuing education. Keeping in mind all these practices while performing surgeries, he charges $4,700 for gastric sleeve surgeries and $6,300 for gastric bypass surgeries as a standard price.

Reviews :

Many patients trust Dr. Edwin because of his friendly bedside manner, work ethic, and professional integrity. He is known in the medical community for his dedication to achieving the pinnacle of patient satisfaction in each and every bariatric procedure he performs. Furthermore, he is known for giving each patient personalized care and attention. As a result, patients recommend the services of Dr. Edwin with a rating of 5 stars in Tijuana, Mexico.



Address: Boulevard Sánchez Taboada, 10488 Zona Urbana Rio Tijuana, BC 22010

Phone: +52 (855) 958 5574


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