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Dr. Francisco Zavalza Reviews, Mexico Bariatric Surgeon

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Dr. Francisco ZavalzaDr. Francisco Zavalza is a Tijuana, Mexico based surgeon who has dedicated the bulk of his burgeoning practice and life to helping those with life-threatening weight management issues overcome them with bariatric interventional procedures. Dr. Francisco Zavalza decided to refine the focus of his surgical practice to concentrate on bariatric procedures when he witnessed the almost immediate and ultimately permanent change he could effect in people’s lives. Dr. Francisco Zavalza has been quoted as saying, “…as a bariatric surgeon, helping people to get healthy, change their lives, see that happy sparkle in their eyes – is the greatest reward! “ Dr. Francisco Zavalza received his medical degree in 2006 from the prestigious University of Guadalajara, Jalisco and completed an extensive residency in general surgery at the General Hospital of Tijuana, Baja California. After completing his residency in general surgery, Dr. Francisco Zavalza went on to obtain a diploma in Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery, where he participated in over 500 laparoscopic cholecystectomy procedures and over 200 hysterectomies and appendectomies, providing him with critical, extensive experience in managing the abdominal region of patients and their gastrointestinal concerns. Today, Dr. Francisco Zavalza is one of the brightest stars on the bariatric surgical map of Tijuana, and offers patients life-saving options for weight loss control in a safe, state of the art medical center known as “Go Light Bariatrics.” Some of the procedures “Go Light Bariatrics” can provide patients with include Gastric Bypass, Gastric Lap-Band, Revision and Gastric Sleeve surgery. The testimonials of Dr. Francisco Zavalza’s patients are a credit to his skills as a surgeon and a testament to his heart as a compassionate professional. If you seek to change your life and are searching for a specialized surgeon to help you in doing so, you should visit the friendly and reassuring practice of Dr. Francisco Zavalza to explore the bariatric solutions on offer there.

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