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Dr. Hector Perez Reviews, Mexico Bariatric Surgeon

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Best Bariatric SurgeonDr. Hector Perez is a bariatric surgical expert and doctor operating in Cancun, Mexico. Dr. Hector Perez has performed over 3,000 surgeries with his team with a close to 0 percent complication rate. Dr. Hector Perez studied medicine and completed his degree in 2000 at the Mexican Faculty of Medicine, La Salle University in Mexico City. Upon graduating, Dr. Hector Perez completed an internship at Jackson Memorial Hospital at the University of Miami in the USA in 2001. He went on to embark upon a 4-year intense residency in General Surgery at the Regional Hospital Lic. Adolfo López Mateos ISSSTE in México City from 2002 – 2006, completing it with honors and receiving the title “General Surgeon” in 2006.

Some of Dr. Perez’s professional memberships include the International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders, the Mexican Board of General Surgery, the Mexican Association of General Surgery, the Mexican Association of Endoscopic Surgery, the Latin American Association of Endoscopic Surgery and the Mexican Association of Obesity surgery. Dr. Perez has also been enlisted to teach as a professor of Basic and Advanced Laparoscopic techniques at the Experimental Surgery Department in the Medical National Center ISSSTE.

The procedures offered by Dr. Hector Perez include Gastric Sleeve, Gastric Bypass, Revision Procedures, Gastric Plication and Gastric Banding surgeries and Dr. Perez received much of his training in bariatric procedures under the tutelage of the renowned Dr. Fernando Ceron Rodriguez who pioneered bariatric surgical techniques and is now a part of Dr. Hector Perez’s team and the surgical staff of the Ready4aChange weight loss medical center. Dr. Hector Perez’s patients have nothing but praise and gratitude to express toward him, and one former patient summed it up well when she said, “This has been an amazing journey, and the Monterrey Bariatric staff made it all possible. I’ve never felt so beautiful and healthy in my life.”

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