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Dr. Luis Cervantes Reviews, Mexico Bariatric Surgeon

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Dr. Luis CervantesDr. Luis Cervantes is a highly skilled bariatric surgeon operating from Tijuana, Mexico in the accredited Hospital Guadalajara. Dr. Luis Cervantes specializes in performing Gastric Sleeve Placement services for patients seeking to transform their lives through minimally invasive surgical weight loss intervention. Dr. Luis Cervantes received his medical degree and education from the University of Nayarit from 2003-2007 and completed his residency and medical internship in general surgery at the General Hospital Zone #5 IMSS Hermosillo Sonora from 2007-2008. Dr. Luis Cervantes acquired the current expertise he demonstrates in Lap-Band Placement procedures through extensive training in laparoscopic surgery at the General Hospital of Tijuana from 2011 through 2014. He also completed a professional stint as a general surgeon before concentrating in bariatrics at the General Hospital (UNEME) Tijuana, in Baja California, Mexico. Dr. Luis Cervantes’ patients regularly testify to the effectiveness and success of their gastric sleeve surgeries including one who enthusiastically recalled, “I’m so thankful that I did this wonderful experience and I’m gonna tell everyone…they need to come too.” Another man stated, “My experience has been amazing here…” and yet another agreed saying, “I’ve had an awesome experience so far, the doctors, the hospital, everything has been awesome. Dr. Cervantes is great, so I’ve been very, very happy with the experience. It’s been awesome.” Dr. Luis Cervantes brings not only medical surety to his procedures but patient admiration and satisfaction for a weight loss journey that has been conducted with skill, compassion, safety, and thoroughness. If you are seeking a highly trained medical professional to guide you through bariatric procedures and in particular, Gastric Sleeve Placement therapy, then consider the experienced hands, staff and facilities of Dr. Luis Cervantes and his medical practice, and if still in doubt, reflect finally on the words of one grateful US-born patient, “They’ve done a great job on me and other patients around here…I’m going back to America and…I’ll be half of me in about a year”

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