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Dr. Luis Montano Reviews, Mexico Bariatric Surgeon

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Dr. Luis MontanoDr. Luis Montano is a highly sought after and leading bariatric and laparoscopic surgeon practicing in Tijuana, Mexico at the “Re-New Bariatrics” surgical center. Dr. Luis Montano can perform Gastric Bypass, Gastric Lap-Band and Gastric Sleeve procedures for patients seeking freedom from obesity and failed self-regulation of weight control efforts. At “Re-New Bariatrics” patients are provided with a state of the art medical environment staffed by trained individuals and led by passionate and skilled surgeons such as Dr. Luis Montano. Dr. Luis Montano received his medical education and a degree from the well respected and popular UABC or the Baja California Autonomous University, School of Medicine and then proceeded to complete a residency in general surgery at the Tijuana General Hospital where he was privy to performing over 1,500 laparoscopic procedures. To date, Dr. Luis Montano has completed over 1,000 bariatric and laparoscopic surgeries and assisted in total in over 2,000 surgeries, gaining incredible experience and skill as a laparoscopic professional. In addition to Dr. Luis Montano’s academic and professional credentials, he has accumulated a bevy of grateful clients and a roster of incredible testimonials that prove that surgery with the “Re-New Bariatrics” center and Dr. Luis Montano is one big happy success story for the doctor and his patients. Dr. Luis Montano is also board certified, a highly esteemed medical honor in Mexico and is focused on continuing education programs that keep his skill set at the forefront of advanced laparoscopic and surgical techniques. Dr. Luis Montano regularly attends international seminars to further his knowledge and expertise in the field of weight loss management through surgical intervention. If you are seeking a medical professional dedicated to the safety and success of his patients, then the qualified practice of Dr. Luis Montano should dependably meet all your medical needs and exceed your expectations.

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