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Dr. Mario Camelo Ramos Reviews, Mexico Bariatric Surgeon

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Dr. Mario Camelo RamosDr. Mario Camelo Ramos is an experienced bariatric and intestinal specialist working in Tijuana, Mexico who has to date performed over 500 Gastric Sleeve procedures and in total over 1,000 bariatric and gastrointestinal surgeries. Dr. Mario Camelo Ramos received much of his hands on training working under the tutelage of renowned and top ten surgeons, Dr. Lopez Corvala. Dr. Ramos completed his medical degree and education at the Universidad Autonoma De Sinaloa or the University of Sinaloa at the Faculty of Medicine in the year 2000. Dr. Ramos participated in a medical internship at the Hospital General Regional No. 1 Culiacan, Sinaloa, Mexico as a medical student undergrad and went on to complete several other postgraduate residencies at the Hospital General De Cd. Juarez and the Hospital General De Culiacan. Dr. Mario Camelo Ramos also furthered his education with specialized training with a fellowship in Advanced Laparoscopy at the Hospital Angeles Tijuana – México and a mini-fellowship in Lap-Band procedures. Dr. Mario Camelo Ramos has participated in as a member in the following organizations: the Curso de Apoyo Vital en Trauma – ATLS, the Xlll Congreso Nacional De Cirugia Endoscopica, and the Diplomado en Cirugia Laparoscopica Avanzada. As a qualified weight loss surgeon, Dr. Mario Camelo Ramos offers patients these necessary procedures to address their weight control issues medically: Gastric Sleeve Placement, Gastric Bypass, and Gastric Banding surgeries. Dr. Mario Camelo Ramos has also acquired expertise as a digestive surgery specialist. If you choose to let Dr. Mario Camelo Ramos and his staff guide you through your weight loss journey, you may expect to find a kind, caring and capable people are driven to open doors of health and vitality for the patients they serve. As one former patient aptly said, “My experience with Dr. Camelo at the Florence Hosptial in Tijuana Mexico was awesome. The Dr. is experienced and extremely professional… This has to be one of the best decisions I have made in a while…”

Dr. Mario Camelo Ramos

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