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Elias Ortiz & Company – Costs and Reviews – 2020

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Dr. Elias Ortiz heads up the eponymous company, Elias Ortiz & Company, which was started after A Lighter Me was in turmoil, along with former A Lighter Me Staff, including: Michele Riter and Janese Pitcher.

Staff of Elias Ortiz
Michele Riter, Elias Ortiz, and Janese Pitcher.

Elias Ortiz & Company also employs Cindy Rios, RN / BSN / CBN, who previously worked with A Lighter Me. Cindy Rios heads up their aftercare program, and is “available over email, phone, and through our Facebook support group.”

Elias Ortiz & Company Surgeons:

Elias Ortiz & Company Claim:

  • ..sets the standard for weight loss surgery in Mexico
  • Claim 9,983 Surgeries Performed

Costs of Elias Ortiz & Company

Price: Gastric Sleeve starting at $4,350, Gastric Bypass starting at $5,700, Mini-Gastric Bypass starting at $5,700.

Costs of Elias Ortiz & Company

Previously Elias Ortiz and Company, offered no High BMI Fee included in their price. However, I don’t see the same offer presented.


Phone: 833-781-744

Fax: 315-907-0246


Note: Please refrain for posting A Lighter Me reviews here on Elias Ortiz & Company’s profile. Any review posting on A Lighter Me. Will be removed to A Lighter Me.

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